Ontario Tech and Design, and Tech with a Conscience are Official Marks of Ontario Tech University. This program is accredited by Accreditation Canada. Clinical laboratory science graduate programs prepare students to pursue challenging and rewarding careers in the healthcare profession. As an important member of the health care team, it is the Medical Laboratory Technologist who assesses the types of blood cells and microorganisms that cause disease, provides chemical analysis of blood and body fluids, performs the processing of tissue samples for microscopic evaluation, and determines the compatibility of blood for transfusion. University of Alberta: Medical Laboratory Science - Post-Certification Program. about Indigenous Education and Cultural Services, Integrated Academic-Research Plan 2019-2021, Policy Against Violence, Sexual Violence, Harassment and Discrimination, Ontario Tech's plan for addressing incidents of sexual violence, Ontario Tech's Role in Reconciliation: Options and Opportunities in Indigenizing Curricula, President's Indigenous Reconciliation Task Force Status Report, Office of the University Secretary and General Counsel, Indigenous Education and Cultural Services, Centre for Institutional Quality Enhancement, Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, Vice-President, Research & Innovation Les Jacobs, Research Institutes, Centres, Groups and Infrastructure, Storytelling – Research and Collaboration, COVID-19: Office of Vice-President Research – Research Updates, Return to On-Campus Research - Process and Application, Research Responsibility and Accountability, Undergraduate Research Awards Recognition Event. Find a PhD in Clinical Laboratory Science Doctorate Degrees on GradSchools.com. Assistants and technicians are responsible for collecting and processing samples and specimens, performing ECGs and participating in limited sample testing. September 2021 Career and Employment Opportunities in Medical LaboratoryProfessions or occupations available to graduates in Medical Laboratory and links to employment resources. The Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program curriculum is designed to prepare the student for work within the clinical laboratory. Graduate Medical Laboratory Admission RequirementsThe prequisites required to become accepted in an graduate and/or postgraduate PhD program in Medical Laboratory. It's a large public university in a small city. Faculty of Business and Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science, Business and Information Technology Building, Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre, Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIRC), Eligibility requirements and restrictions, Radiation Safety Committee (including Lasers), 2019 Undergraduate Research Award Recognition Event, Canadian out-of-province high school applicants, General Arts and Science (GAS) applicants, Effective Leadership and Quality Management in the Clinical Laboratory, Introduction to Medical Laboratory Practice, Molecular Techniques and Complementary Technologies, Registered medical laboratory technologist. Ontario Tech University is the brand name used to refer to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Note: Effective immediately, CPR is no longer mandatory for the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program. Curriculum and program objectives are built based on the state of practice in the BC medical laboratory community, and on competencies established by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) for entry-level medical laboratory technology. Memorial University: Graduate Program in Biochemistry.