Both types have rights of survivorship, meaning your stocks will pass automatically to your co-owner if you die. F lorida courts have long recognized that marital bank accounts may be held in a tenancy by the entireties (TBE). v. Almand & Assoc., 710 So. 2d 608 (Fla. 5th DCA 1998), demonstrates the uncertainty with which courts apply the principles underlying the TBE doctrine. I noticed this as an option when setting up a new brokerage account on vanguard today. An individual account is a standard brokerage account with only one owner. Your share of the account will pass to your estate in the event of your death. Tenants in Common . There are three types of joint brokerage accounts: Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship: Both owners have equal rights to this type of account. On the other hand, a brokerage account held as a tenancy in common gives both accountholders control of the account, but each accountholder retains ownership of a pro-rata share of the account. Tenancy by the entirety also offers some unique financial advantages to married couples. Some states allow spouses to own stock through a special joint tenancy known as tenancy by the entirety, but this is inconvenient since both owners must be involved with any account transactions. For married couples in selected states. “Tenancy by the entirety” is similar to JTWROS, but is available only to married couples in certain states. Guardianship or Conservatorship. Joint Tenancy with Non-Spouse/Child: Brokerage Account Tax Implications If a tenancy by the entirety option had not been provided on the account opening form, a presumption would have arisen that the bank account was held as a tenancy by the entirety account. WellsTrade offers the Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship account. Comparison Chase You Invest does not offer the Joint Tenants by the Entirety account. However, a creditor can levy judgment on the property if both spouses are liable for the same debt. Some other states recognize the common law asset protection doctrine of tenancy by the entirety too. Brokerage Account. If one owner dies, the survivor will automatically receive the decedent’s share of the account. Tenants by the Entirety* Spouses own the account jointly. He listed his residential homestead, household goods, bank account, brokerage account, equity interests in two corporations, and a warehouse as exempt since both he and his wife (the non-debtor spouse) jointly held the property as tenants by the entireties. Client Profiles: Cash, Cash and Margin, Cash and Option, Cash, Margin and Option . The appellate court also commented on the applicability of an amendment to Florida Statute section 655.79(1) (2009), which became effective on October 1, 2008. Married couples who live in states that don’t practice community property can instead open a Joint Tenants by the Entirety account with TD Ameritrade. In Florida, the answer is “YES.” Tenancy by the entirety is alive and well in Florida asset protection law. ... Open Joint Tenants by the Entirety. 1 H owever, the Fifth District’s recent decision in Beal Bank, SSB. I live in a state where real estate titled as TBE affords asset protection; does this asset protection extend to brokerage accounts as well that are created this way? In the case of a brokerage account held in joint tenancy by spouses, the tax basis for one-half of each asset in the brokerage account generally will receive a tax basis increase (or decrease) upon the death of the first spouse. The third form of joint ownership is known as “tenants in common.” Tenants in common own separate interests in their account, similar to owning individual membership interests in an LLC. Most importantly, creditors for debts that are solely owned by one spouse cannot put a judgment on real property held by spouses as tenants by the entirety. Page 1 of 11.

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