At night, the family eats dinner. When I am ___________ (angry, sad), tears fall from my___________ (ears, eyes).2. 3. Plan, develop, write, and publish … ENGLISH GRADE 9 QUARTER 3. Did you notice the words in bold? I must be _____ to my classmates.I must sit quietly at my ______. 9, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3 Oral Activity 8a - I listen to and read a poem. 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The focus isnot on the memorisation of rules.Bearing in mind that it is not possible to tailor textbooks to specific pupils or classrooms, the Grade3 'Let's Learn English' textbook has been structured in a way that allows the teacher to use it in aflexible manner. What sits next to you? T F F3. The girls are preparing __________________. Instead, teachers have the scope and flexibility to adapt all activities in thetextbook to suit the level and needs of their learners.Below are some general guidelines for conducting a reading activity (story, rhyme/poem/song):Pre-reading phaseCarry out an oral session where pupils listen to a rhyme/poem/song or engage in an oral activity orbrainstorming. Here is a simple recipe. TFActivity 5b - I choose the correct words to complete the sentences. 1. Complete the sentences below using these words.Remember, we say: Example:I am The boy – tallYou are The boy is tall.He/She/ It isWe areThey are.1. Can you help me label the different parts of this picture too? (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Music Day) 2. When I am _________ (happy, naughty), there is a big and beautiful smile on my _________ (hand, face).3. I choose the correct words to complete the sentences.1. They are a vegetable. 2. _____________ do you live?2. ______ name is Mika.3. Put all the ________________________________ in the ____________________________________________.2. This is a sausage. They taste good.26, Activity 2 – I listen to and read a short story. What is your favourite food __2. The Grade 3 class is full of _____________ children. My teacher _________ (is, are) nice to me.3. Seema does not like her new Grade 3 class. ___________________________________________________4. This is my friend Seema. EZSchool's Grade 3 English - Spelling: Practice to spell words correctly Practice with 312 activites. Find more similar flip PDFs like ENGLISH GRADE 3 Pupils book. Every sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full-stop. OralHello, hello, we are back at school, back at school, back at school,Hello, hello, we are back at school, early in the morning.Hello, hello, we are with our friends, with our friends, with our friends,Hello, hello, we are with our friends, early in the morning.Hello, hello, we greet our teacher, greet our teacher, greet our teacher,Hello, hello, we greet our teacher, early in the morning.This is the class of Grade 3, Grade 3, Grade 3,This is the class of Grade 3, hello to everybody!Keywords: school friends teacher classActivity 2 – I trace, colour, and write how I feel to be back at school. I am ___________ (sing). 23, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 37. Sonia says you are really good at identifying sounds. This is a poem about going to school. Free English Tests and Exercises for Grade 6-12 Online help pupils to practice English before taking a real test. There is one more!1. He __________ reading her book. ____________________________________________.3. This time allocation for Life Skills must be adhered to. TF3. If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, simply click on the red icon next to the topic for the grammar … Let’s do one more activity together. Some of the lessons will include journal assignments. The dogs 3. We – at school___________________________________________________7. For verbs ending with ‘e’, we must remove the ‘e’ and then add ‘ing’. For some other verbs, we must double the last letter and then add ‘ing’.Example:runrunn + ingrunningLet’s do the same for the following verbs!1. ___________ joins them for lunch. Nov 19, 2012 - Grade 3 Reading Lesson 3 Short Stories – The Spotted Cow. They have taken cognisance of the various aspects of development of learners of that age cohort. They are a vegetable. skirt socks shoes leggings shirt hat8, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3Activity 7 - I choose the correct words to complete the sentences. I write the correct words in the boxes. This is my letter to her. Who will make the dessert? Feel free to download, re-use, or share the following English grammar lessons with your friends, colleagues, or students. put ___________________ 6. shut __________________3. I also have ____ orange. drinking milk.4. Grade 4 (Year 4) is the first year of upper primary, and children at this age should be introduced to more sophisticated and meaningful ways of linguistic expression, both in speaking and writing. Now, write a letter to your friend about yourself. The birds are ___________ (laugh). They are green and crunchy. Sara is talking to ____________ (their, her) friend Zoé.6. “Open ____________ (your, his) books at page 9,” says the teacher. Do you like smoothies? Hello, my name is Sonia. Vocabulary and word usage worksheets for grade 3. She is happy to seethem.Miss Molly sees a new pupil in the class. I like oranges. You may choose words from the list of ingredients given below or add your own. I live in Pretty Town. For example: an umbrella, an elephant It is lunchtime. Not sure where to start? Check Pages 1 - 50 of ENGLISH GRADE 3 Pupils book in the flip PDF version. large list of English idioms from a to z.pdf: 107.03 KB: Apr 13, 2015: 66351 They taste good. Prepare before opening your mouth to avoid rambling and frequent pauses. (flowers, cakes) Grammar Activity 3 – I write 'a' or 'an' to complete the sentences. Third grade readers start to form a tremendous vocabulary; in fact, this is one of the largest word growth years. UNESCO 4 Anderson and Anderson. Mother does not say thank you. I will play nicely And I will work neatly. I – in Grade 3___________________________________________________6. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. honics k e te 39 p i ce k a ke c e ak cef kar dow cap det b u ck, Unit 2 : Food n a ck r o nk s o ck z i nd st e ck st i p cl u d tr o ck dr i ck br e mp40, Unit 2 End of unit Unit two Unit 2 : Food 21. TF4. Free Worksheets for Grade 3: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and English. These vocabulary exercises are at a third grade level and cover vocabulary acquisition, tricky words, affixes, compound words, idioms, similes, … Can you please help me with this activity?Tree________ Frog________ Cat________Bag Knee Shoe________ ________ ________Ball________ Star________ Leaf________Dog________ Sea________ Sock________20, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3Activity 16 – I choose and write the correct letters to complete the words. Example: write writ + ing writing Let’s do the same for the following verbs!1. their her our his yourWe have learnt many possessive adjectives. What do you brush you teeth? There are two examples. 2. to the market.32, Unit 2 : Food GrammarActivity 7 – I learn: Affirmative and negative forms.Jenna and Suzan are at the market.Jenna: This lettuce is fresh.Suzan: This pumpkin is not fresh.Jenna: Mother likes green apples.Suzan: She does not like red apples.Jenna: Let’s buy some mangoes.Suzan: The mangoes are not ripe. Mina is reading a book __3. ten bug dog top bed pin swim lip like dig can bin bike pot fan kiteWords________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________18, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3Activity 14 – I circle words with the /aI/ sound. We play tennis. smile _________________ 7. hope ____________________ 4. come _________________ 8. ride ____________________Activity 12c - I write the verbs in present continuous tense: Double the last letter. make _________________ 6. type ____________________3. T F F2. Though an introduction to and some explanation of the grammar points havebeen included in the textbook, it may be necessary to extend explanations depending on the leveland needs of pupils. 1 Full PDF related to this paper. She is laughing with ________ friends. Unit 2 : Food Reading A lunch for motherIt is Mother’s Day. How do I feel when I am with my friends? My favourite subject is English. She – a good teacher___________________________________________________ 15, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3Activity 12a - I write the verbs in the present continuous tense: Add ‘ing’. Portray a character and explain with illustrations. dig ___________________ 5. swim _________________2. do you eat everyday ? The designs are … Grade 3 Language Arts Worksheets. Use this pre-readingphase to teach some key vocabulary that will facilitate understanding of the reading passage thatfollows.Take the pupils outdoors whenever possible, so that they can indulge in the games or songsthat involve movements.While reading phaseRead a text aloud a first time for pupils to listen and to familiarise themselves with the theme andcontent. (happy /sad) 2. Whenever possible, the teacher will have to supplement thephonics activities with further resources and additional exercises to draw pupils' attention to thesounds, letter-sound associations in words, and how to blend letters and segment words. Download ( PDF ) All School syllabus And Teacher Guides can be download from Our Website. Miss Molly is __________ to see her Grade 3 pupils. Remember! They are green and crunchy. Is the sentence a statement, question, command or exclamation? 2 Mix everything together. The girls give mother some flowers. I ______ (is, am) in Grade 3 this year.2. These textbookshave been written by a team of experts and supported by experienced Educators, advised byInspectors, mentors and Deputy Head Masters. We learned many of the words below in Grade 2. Sentences that contain ‘not’ are called negative sentences.Activity 7a – I match the affirmative sentences with the correct negative sentences.Affirmative Negative1. This is ________ Grade 3 book. (Its/Our)2. For two-way mapping of supplements to standards download the Grade 3 Correlations. Draw pupils'attention to these words regularly for consolidation. (Grandma, Uncle) 5. 1 (My favourite food) Activity (a) Look and read. Where is your favourite meal? I use who, what, when and where to make questions. I like cabbages. Nouns. Take even practice conversations seriously if you want to get better at speaking, because what you do in practice comes out in real situations as well. 3 Malone, Susan. You can also use your journal for keeping track of daily thoughts, … Jordan brushes ____________ (her, his) teeth twice a day.8. Encourage pupils' participation in English but allow pupils to use the language/swith which they are more familiar as needed. The use of strategies like demonstration, enacting/miming, and varying thereading intonation and tone will help to retain pupils' interest and promote understanding of thetext.Post-reading activitiesCarry out the activities orally first to check pupils' understanding and then help them to completethe written exercises. (dinner, lunch, breakfast) 3. Sarah _______ 2. In the story, it is ________________________. In line with the NCF, the structure ofthe textbook allows the gradual development of the four language skills, namely listening, speaking,reading, and writing, as well as grammar and punctuation. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SMOOTHIE You will need: One sliced mango Two sliced apples One peeled and sliced carrot Two sliced pears One glass of orange juice Instructions: 1 Put all the fruits and vegetables in the blender. Download English Medium Grade 3 School Syllabus and Teacher's Guide, Grade 3 English Syllabus, Grade 3 Teacher Manual, English Syllabi grade 03 third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade and elementary education resources. This I promise With a big kiss! school group star nest girl broom boy soup spoon tooth moon cat38, Activity 12 – I connect the correct letters Unit 2 : Food and write the word. This is a comprehensive selection of online lessons (videos, articles, and quizzes) for Grade 3 Mathematics. These worksheets will help your child practice and improve vocabulary and word usage. (nice/naughty)6, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3Activity 6a – I choose and copy the correct words: Parts of the face and body. Remember! Suzan wants to preparelunch for her family.“Who will help me?” Suzan asks.“I will cut and fry the fish,” says father.“I will wash and cook the rice and vegetables,” says Jenna.Uncle joins them to eat lunch.After the meal, Suzan and Jenna give their mother some flowers.“Thank you,” says mother. In Grade 2 we learned am, are, and is. The first one has been done for you.look treesee kiteice bookpie handschool bikecone lipschair doorbag limefive flowerclass ninemice newclock dessertsocks ricehappy beesslide square 19, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3Activity 15 – I colour the correct boxes. Grammar Do you remember the short story we read together? John and Dany __________ (is, are) cleaning ____________ (its, their) room.4. a) It is a dog. Read it again one line at a time and encourage pupils to repeat each line while they followthe text with their finger. Sentence structure. We also use am, are, or is when verbs are in the present continuous tense.We use verbs in the present continuous tenseto say what we are doing now.For some verbs we only need to add ‘ing’.Let’s write the verbs correctly.Example: The girls are jumping (jump).JumpJumping Hello. The authors and the curriculum team, under the guidance ofProfessor Vassen Naeck, also deserve our thanks.We hope that you enjoy this material and wish you lots of success.Dr O. Nath VarmaDirectorMauritius Institute of Education. S _ _ _ _ _ 32H4 Let’s look for words in the poem to complete1C S this crossword puzzle.NActivity 9a - I add full-stops to the short story. We use a question mark when asking a question. ______ name is Dax. Suzan cuts the fish. 5, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3 ReadingActivity 5 – I listen to and read a short story. In the morning, the family eats breakfast. I am happy to be your friend. My dog ___________ (is, are) wagging ________ (its, my) tail. A place where I learn : C _ _ _ _Down: 2. aDo you remember some words with the / I/ sound? They taste good. Who wants to be her friend?\"Miss Molly asks.All the pupils raise their hands. I will buy ____ apple juice.28, Unit 2 : FoodActivity 4 – I circle the correct words. Our grade 3 grammar worksheets focus on the various parts of speech (nouns, verbs, pronouns, etc.) 2003. A.1. I tell my friends about my favourite foods and drinks. My name 2. Do you remember some words with the /I/ sound? • He is not sad. Where is your father going __4. ENGLISH GRADE 9 QUARTER 3. Like this book? clap __________________ 7. sit ___________________4. She gives them a big hug.Keywords: lunch family kitchen fry cook meal hugActivity 2a – I colour the correct box if the answer is true or false.1. The new pupil is angry. Use resources such as word and picture cards whenever possible, especially for iii, vocabulary acquisition, as this will facilitate learning.Given that the vocabulary varies in the different units, create a word wall in the classroom so thatpupils are exposed to new words in a sustained manner for the duration of the unit. Like vocabularyacquisition, phonics must be taught in a sustained manner, and it is necessary to go beyond theactivities provided in the textbook. pr br fr tr dr cr grog assab umee essead i nkain ush 21, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3 1 Unit 1 End of unit Unit one Oral1. 3 10 17 24 31 Gina’s birthday 4 11 18 25 5 12 football match 19 26 Grade 3 Worksheet PUPIL B: Add the following to your calendar. We have done our best to ensure that childrenundergo a pleasant learning experience.We have taken care to align the textbooks with very clearly defined learning outcomes and objectivesset for the subject. ENGLISH GRADE 3 Pupils book was published by Mauritius Institute of Education on 2016-12-19. The exemplar test questions were developed from curriculum work that covers Terms 1, 2 and 3 of the school year and a complete ANA model test for each grade has been provided. Data Analysis, Set E1: Graphs, pdf (Adapted from: classroom/school_rule_poems.htm)2. Saved from ... English Stories For Kids Moral Stories For Kids Short Stories For Kids English Story Reading Stories Reading Passages English Lessons Ap English Stories With Moral Lessons. When prepares your lunch? Questions 1. ____________ are my shoes?5. Teaching time for Life Skills is 1 hour 15 minutes daily, 6 hours 15 minutes weekly in Grade 3 according to National policy. I must _______ to my teacher.I must raise my ______ before I speak. Nov 19, 2012 - Grade 3 Reading Lesson 3 Short Stories – The Spotted Cow .. They give mother some __________________. Grade 3 English language and arts (ELA), including EFL, ESL, EAL, and all art related subjects. This present textbook provides clear indications of the diverse skills that childrenshould master at each stage. It's good to remind them to take short breaks, when their minds wander. ____________ is dinner time?4. The family is in the kitchen. My friend Seema always wears clean clothes. Remember! Who prepares your dinner? _____ name is Wendy. We always wash ____________ (its, our) hands before eating.5. The Grade 3 Team is near the canteen. Let’s sing a song! OralLet’s talk with ourfriends. The teachers can thus adapt this textbook and the pace at which they progress through it, asper the level and needs of their pupils.It is hoped that teachers will exploit all the sections and activities which have been carefully thoughtout, in view of enhancing the teaching and learning of English in Grade 3.iv, Content pagesPages 1- 24 25 - 44 45 - 72 73 - 98 Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4Theme Welcome to Food My Country Jobs Standard 3 - Parts of the - A variety of - Islands - A variety of body and face foods, fruits, jobs and vegetables - Places in - Items and - Clothing Mauritius tools related - Tableware to differentKey - Feelings and utensils - Holiday / jobsVocabulary travel - School and -Parts of the the classroom house -Places to go shopping - Song: We are - Song: I like - Poem: Island - Rhyme: Work back at school fruits and in the sun Hard vegetables - Game: My - Role-play: TheOral friends in story of Van Standard 3 Warwick - Poem: Going to schoolPhonics clusters v, Reading The new girl in A lunch for A letter to Sam Different jobs Grade 3 Mother Writing Letter Recipe About Mauri- Note tius - Capital letters - Determiners - Nouns - Use of and full-stops (a, an) (introduction commas of the term) - Countable - Possessive - Affirmative and adjectives and negative - Plural forms uncountable forms (not, is (s, es, ies) nouns - Simple not, are not, do - Future tense Grammar present tense not, does not) - Conjunctions (will) of verb ‘to be’ (and, but, or) - Plural form (am, are, is) - Question (common mark + - Simple irregular - Present interrogative present tense words) continuous form (what, tense (am, are, when, who, is + ‘ing’) where) End of Unit 22 - 24 41 - 44 70 - 72 96 - 98Literacy session Lacey Loves to Having Tea I Spy a Dodo When I Grow Talk with a Tiger Upvi, Unit 1 : Welcome to Standard 3Welcome to Grade 3 1 Unit one 1, Unit 1 : Welcome to Grade 3 The Grade 3 Team Hello, my name is Mika.

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