Beatrice "Bea" Bear is Bear's little sister and was introduced late in the first season. Characters Main characters. Bear is generally loyal, but has the potential to become very angry if he feels Franklin has treated him unfairly. Samantha is Aunt Lucy's goddaughter, and is a bit of a jokester. Franklin the Turtle; Mike The Knight; Max; Little Bear; Tyson Granger; Scaredy Squirrel; Frankie Pamplemousse; Arkayna Goodfey Interestingly, she shares the 'Turtle' surname with Franklin and his family despite not being blood related to each other by any means. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected]. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective,, Lists of characters in Canadian television animation, Articles lacking sources from February 2016, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from August 2016, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Television articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 November 2020, at 02:26. Badger is a shy and kind girl who is disabled with cerebral palsy and uses crutches to help her walk. Franklin the Turtle Cake. Bear, Beaver, Goose, Rabbit, Fox, Snail, Skunk, Raccoon, Badger, Otter. Introduced into the book series in Franklin's Baby Sister and in the television series in Franklin and the Green Knight respectively, Harriet is Franklin's sister, who is getting used to the world around her. The wife of Mr. He is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. From Franklin the Turtle Cake via Flikr. Franklin the Turtle is a character in books and cartoons very popular with children. Snail is Franklin’s smallest friend. Her father runs the local ice-cream shop. It is implied she lives quite a bit away from Woodland, and has only appeared in the Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure movie. T. is a bit more in touch with her youth than her older brother and his wife, and uses this to nurture Franklin and Harriet in her own, unconventional style. With Noah Reid, Leah Renee, Elizabeth Saunders, Richard Newman. Franklin the turtle Wiki ... Franklin the turtle Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He's always ready to give a helping hand to his family, friends, and community. Book character Day at school, you know because they don't allow Halloween anymore and kids like to dress up. Turtle grew up. His mother hasn't been seen much, but does appear in Franklin and the Green Knight at the baby shower for Harriet. Snail is Franklin's other best friend. Though Franklin is initially scared of him due to his great size, they become fast friends. Images of the Mr. ", "This is my best Christmas present ever. Games Movies TV Video. Franklin is the main character of the series of the same name . Franklin the Turtle is an American children's animated television series, based on the Franklin the Turtle books by Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois. He is less anthropomorphized than the other bird characters, lacking Feather Fingers and being fully capable of flight. Nov 13, 2019 - Explore Nielda Trent's board "Franklin the Turtle" on Pinterest. Here's a list of characters from the Franklin Books, Franklin the animation, its successor, Franklin and Friends and associated works, such as the various Franklin stage productions. My firstborn loved these books, as well as the cartoon based off these characters… Aunt. She also appears in the book Franklin and the Thunderstorm to get Franklin and his friends out of a tree when they mistakenly think it a safe place to be during a storm. ...We all learn new skills at our own pace. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Goose has a little brother, but he is only seen in passing in the "Brothers and Sisters" song number in the first Franklin film, Franklin and the Green Knight. Franklin and Harriet are spending Christmas this year at Faraway Farm, where Mrs. FANDOM. She lives alone in a house not far from Franklin and his family. He dislikes the way the wind ruffles his feathers in a storm. At this time, you'll find detailed information for most of the major characters, but work is still needed, particularly on some of the adult characters. Voiced most times by Richard Newman. Badger. Unlike her sister though, Aunt Lucy is almost restless, and only takes some seldom stops at Woodland. He's often seen with Rabbit as they are best friends, but occasionally hangs out with Raccoon. 18 images of the Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure cast of characters. She sometimes hangs out with the other girls Badger, Beaver and Goose, but often spends time on her own. This Adventures Series will premiere in 2021 (next year), to coincide with Nelvana's 50th anniversary. ", "A little bit of jam, I love it, can't you tell? Snail considers Franklin to be his best friend, but doesn't seem to mind that Franklin generally considers Bear to be his own best friend. Goose is another good friend of Franklin, and is often seen together with Beaver. ", "I'm glad you were my buddy. Skunk lives with her parents and her rarely-seen little sister. He is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. She is generally somewhat soft-spoken and seems to get along well with everyone. Franklin is a young turtle who aims to please. Otter is a playful young girl who has been a long time friend of Franklin and the others in Woodland Valley. ... Book Costumes Book Character Costumes Crazy Costumes Book Week Costume Book Characters Halloween Costumes Halloween Ideas Costume Ideas Franklin The Turtle. Franklin Turtle is the protagonist. Moose is initially shy and retiring, but Mr. Owl assigns Franklin to be his class buddy. Beaver is somewhat brainy and at times a bit overbearing, yet manages to fit in well with Franklin and other the other children of Woodland. Fox is a bit of daredevil and can be a bit of a troublemaker also at times, but is otherwise a good friend to those around him. Skunk. He lives with his parents and his rarely seen little brother, Bunny. Turtle is Franklin's father; and although he's somewhat sarcastic at times, he always knows what's best for Franklin, and often guides him in the right direction, when he needs it. He lives in a tree with his mother, Woodland's doctor, his father and his little sister, Beatrice "Bea" Bear. A shining example would have to be in "Franklin Goes to School": Even after Franklin gives him a muffin, Bear still gets hungry a few minutes later and asks Franklin for the carrots. Many of these, as well as many that have been mentioned, seem to flit on and off the series with little or no explanation. Channel Features: -Original Franklin -Franklin And Friends -Franklin Read Out Loud Wikis. I can't have a snack when there's too many things to do! He is capable of fully removing his shell as apparently all turtles in the show are; his shell is a combination of clothing and backpack. He is also known for running the annual haunted house on Halloween. Otherwise generally good-natured, Bear seems to fit in well with the other characters, but often spends his time playing with Franklin. "Wow! Games Movies TV Video. She's regarded as the best diver of Franklin's friends, as well as being an adept ballet dancer. The television shows often depict him munching on cookies or other savories, though the Franklin stage show. He's also a big brother (a desire he had expressed multiple times in the past). Franklin the Turtle is character from Franklin the Turtle. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unlike the rest of Granny Turtle's children, her only appearance was in Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure. Bear is his best friend. Directed by John Van Bruggen. As long as one of them gives him a "lift," Snail never gets left behind; he rides on Franklin’s shoulder whenever they play soccer. He lives with his parents in a house with a expansive backyard. Sometimes, Mrs. In the second to fourth seasons, voice actors/actresses were credited in the episodes that they appeared in. Turtle and the 7 year old big brother of Harriet Turtle. Fox is another student in Franklin's class. Bear is Franklin's best friend, who loves to eat. ", "It was just a joke! Granny is not seen in Franklin and Friends and the role that she played seems to have been largely filled by Aunt T. Bear is Franklin's best friend. She settled down in Woodland once she was tired of her constant traveling. This article about a character from either a Christmas movie, television episodic series or special with a Christmas theme is a stub . She's a brash, and adventurous girl, and often expresses her interests of traveling and exploring. Note that in the first, fifth and sixth seasons of the program, Franklin uses a generic voice credits screen that only lists some roles and appears at the end of every episode. Most, if not all characters, that have speaking roles of any sort are now listed. Turtle is also an expert at gardening, and knows how to fix a plethora of objects. All that noise is just cloud giants playing drums in the sky. ", "I'll race you to Thrill Hill and back and tell you all about it! I was worried that nobody would play with me. Franklin is a both a series of books and an animated children's series featuring the adventures of anthropomorphic young turtle and his group of friends. Although he is tiny and cannot move quickly, Snail wants to do everything his friends are doing. Moose and his parents moved to Woodland near Franklin in the book and television episode "Franklin's New Friend." Turtle Mr. The series was introduced in 1986 with Franklin in the Dark, inspired by an episode of the hit television series M*A*S*H. In all, over 25 books were released in the main series, as well as numerous spinoff books based on the television franchise spawned from it. He teaches in a one-room schoolhouse within the Woodland neighborhood and continues to serve as the teacher even when the children move up from kindergarten to first grade. ", "I know what it's like when people find out about something that you, "I'll help you. D&D Beyond Snail often finds himself in company with Franklin, as they share similar interests, and help each other out in their respective struggles in life. He lives in a cozy log with his father and mother. Turtle performs substitute teacher duties for Woodland Elementary, whenever Mr. Owl is away. Mr. Fox Mrs. Muscrat He also has an older brother named Jack, and often looks up to him. Snail is the first one to notice when Franklin is feeling sad. Explore Wikis; Community Central ... Franklin the Turtle Characters, Characters from CER Two shows, Kids, Boys. Contents[show] Franklin is a TV Show Characters Franklin Harriet Mrs. He is the president of Woodland's Chamber of Commerce, as well as a horticulturist and bird-watcher. ", Voiced by William Colgate, Jared Wall (as youngster), was able to place a lot of items within his shell, dancing on top of a hill with a bag of lemons on his skateboard, At any given time, he may be snacking on something. Turtle often gives guidance to Franklin whenever he needs it. ", "There's a lot of work to do... but there's no sense losing my head over it. He takes good care of his pet goldfish, Goldie, and also has a stuffed dog named Sam who, despite growing older, he still hangs onto and communicates with. ", "But Franklin! Goose is an energetic girl, that loves to have fun. Like most kids however, Franklin isn't perfect, but has his family to give him guidance, and steer him in the right direction. But I'm just not ready to, "I learned to draw sunset clouds from my favorite artist... you, Franklin. This is a list of characters that appear in the from the Franklin the Turtle animated television show Franklin. Turtle's younger sister. Hey it's Franklin! Later installments of the series introduced and included Franklin's … He's an excitable kid, and is a great friend to all he meets. Nice. His father drives the school bus and is also known for his aptitude at repairing mechanical objects, and recycling various materials and is also one of two volunteer firefighters in Woodland. Turtle and the 7 year old big brother of Harriet Turtle. It doesn't happen over night. T. is also a phenomenal artist, and has gained quite an artistic mind from her travels abroad. She has a cousin named Betty who popped in for one episode in the program's fifth season and a little brother named Kit who appeared in the film Back to School with Franklin, though the two were never shown together. If it's on the air and replaced with a new adaptation, Franklin and Friends. See more ideas about franklin the turtle, franklin, franklin books. It was followed up by a CGI adaptation, Franklin and Friends.. They don't play together as much as Franklin and Bear do, but get along well enough with each other on the whole. There are a couple of indicators in the original series that he has a crush on Badger, such as a reference to a secret Valentine. He is the protagonist's best friend and he is a friendly and ditzy. Aunt. He is the best friend of Bear, and the owner and caretaker of his fish, Goldie. Voiced by Noah Reid ( Franklin Seasons 1-5), Cole Caplan ( Franklin Season 6), Cameron Ansell ( Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure ), Graeme Jokic ( Franklin and Friends ), Graham Mayes ( Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights) Franklin is a young turtle who aims to please. Turtle voice actors from the Franklin franchise. Franklin is an educational Canadian/French children's animated television series, based on the Franklin the Turtle books by Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois, and produced by Nelvana. Turtle often visits his shop to get the things that he needs for the family garden. I didn't think you'd be so scared. ", "It was tough watching my little turtle fall. Granny is Franklin's grandmother on his father's side. Raccoon. Franklin enjoys baseball, swimming and hockey. He is temporarily replaced by Miss Koala in Back to School With Franklin when called away on a family emergency, and is also sometimes helped by Mrs. He also has a big sister who is mentioned only briefly in the Franklin Goes to School book without any name given. She is reasonably athletic and agile and a very good swimmer. Besides being a father, Mr. Franklin Characters; Franklin and Friends Characters; Tiny Pop Characters; Nelvana Characters; Characters with a hat; Characters who wear hats; Universal Characters; Male Heroes; Slow Characters; Nickelodeon Characters; Nick Jr Characters; 1997 introductions; ... Franklin the Turtle … In this series, her parents are traveling musicians and because of this, she is home-schooled. She has a regular playmate in Bear's little sister Beatrice, though she made a new friend named Kit (Beaver's little brother) in Back to School with Franklin. With Noah Reid, Chris Wiggins, Richard Newman, Elizabeth Saunders. I'd like to do what'd you'd like to do. Turtle, and the mother of Franklin; Mrs. Turtle and the owner of Woodland's general store. I'm a very hungry little bear. Franklin tends to be very kind and he has a large circle of friends, but also tends to keep things to himself at times. Aunt Turtle, otherwise known as Aunt T., is Mr. This Franklin the Turtle Cake is so incredible with so many intricate designs created from fondant. But the important thing is that I was there to lift you up and encourage you to keep going.". The following is a list of main & recurring characters in the Franklin series. Franklin clutches her for comfort, as he's afraid of thunderstorms, and she later provides the group with treats. She's shown to be a fun loving woman, and may often join in on Franklin's games, like pirates. Turtle That's why I'm here. Photos of the Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure (Movie) voice actors. In the episode "Franklin and the Babysitter", after Franklin's grandma gets sick who is Franklin's babysitter? Despite her family issues, they never bother her. The very first Franklin the Turtle book was Franklin in the Dark published in 1986. Franklin's paternal grandfather is never seen on the series other than in a photo, and it is generally assumed that she is a widow, though this was never confirmed in the series itself. Goose. It’s as if a scene from the books was lifted from the pages and transformed into a cake! Franklin (Franklin the Turtle) is a series of children's books written by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark, featuring the adventures of an anthropomorphic young turtle and his group of friends.The first book in the series, Franklin in the Dark, was released in 1986 by Kids Can Press and its popularity led to over twenty books in the original series. Rabbit is Franklin's classmate and friend. His stories and scenarios provide good lessons about life in society : Caring, respect, forgiveness, etc … Find our images Franklin to print, with his many friends of the forest. Snail is a major character in Franklin. FANDOM. He got voiced by Noah Reid (seasons 1-5) and Cole Caplan (season 6). ", "I'd be glad to help. ", "Don't be afraid. That's all I need to live without a care. A good helper; a promise keeper; a game maker; Franklin, "Took you long enough to figure it out big bro! He got voiced by Luca Perlman (seasons 1-5) and Marc McMulkin (season 6). She's often seen with Harriet, and occasionally helps her husband out in his gardening work. He doesn't hang around with Franklin as much as Bear and Snail, but the two still enjoy playing together from time to time. T. She's an archaeologist, traveling the world in search of the world's lost secrets. Category:Characters | Franklin the turtle Wiki | Fandom. Franklin the Turtle is character from Franklin the Turtle. Franklin is a young turtle. She has a goddaughter named Samantha, that accompanies her travels for her summer vacation. Franklin is devastated and cranky when his friend Otter moves away. Growing up, takes time. He is something of an amateur paleontologist, having a collection of fossils, and is happy to share is knowledge about them with the children of the town. When she's feeling insecure however, she tends to be rather clumsy, and unfocused. Franklin Turtle is the son of his family and the titluar protagonist of the developed-for-television show Franklin (especially Franklin's Magic Christmas). ", "What would you like to do, Franklin? Mr. Jack Rabbit is Rabbit's teenage older brother and a good friend to Franklin and his buddies. The first book in the series was released in 1986 by Kids Can Press and its popularity led to over twenty books in the original series. Turtle and Aunt. The series focuses on the adventures ofa young turtle named Franklin, his family and friends. • Franklin Turtle - A green turtle who is the show's lead character. From what little is seen, he seems to be a nice guy who helps to comfort Franklin when he's afraid of thunderstorms. She's the daughter of Woodland's local librarian, and pharmacist, but the two filed for divorce between Franklin and Franklin and Friends. Rabbit is more often seen with Fox. Welcome to the Official Channel Of Franklin The Turtle, your one stop place for everything Franklin!! Aunt Lucy Turtle, is another sibling of Mr. Rabbit. It was produced by Nelvana and Nick Jr. Productions, and aired on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. block in the United States. His parents are rarely seen or mentioned, but his mother appears in one of the books and in "Franklin and the Bumpy Fire Buggy," Franklin and Friends, his father appears and is revealed to be one of two volunteer firefighters in Woodland, along with Mr. Fox. Mr. Mole is a childhood friend of Mr. He's a bit meek, but is always ready to play with the other Woodland kids. Source. He once had an issue concerning his slow agility, but managed to overcome it, (by curling up into a ball, and enabling considerably faster movement) in Franklin and Friends. Snail. She and Harriet hang out often just like Franklin and Bear. She idolizes Franklin, but is an independent turtle in her own right. In Franklin and Friends, Skunk appears only towards the very end of the series. Franklin focuses on the eponymous growing young turtle who, as his television stories and books always begin, "could count by twos and tie his shoes". 12. Fox. Over the years, Paulette Bourgeois wrote over 25 Franklin books in the series (more were written by different authors later on). Franklin is a series of books created by Paulette Bourgeois (illustrator) and Brenda Clark (author). Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account?

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