Whenever I work on one of these Quaker Auto stoves, I think of the "four freedoms" series of pictures by Norman Rockwell. We will do our best to meet everyone's needs. Even with the shelf it is only about 42" yet it has a 24" wood firebox and a 20" oven. -How rough the stove will be handled in shipping and in day to day use. Sorry. My insurance has taken a quantum leap that means , in effect, I would be working to support them. We do take trades if you have a stove we can use. Be very careful when purchasing these stoves. Some such arrangements may consist of a warming oven of unknown origin, or legs that sort-of...maybe fit etc. SOLD. I like large to very large stoves even though I have no place to even light one. If you have something in mind I will try to find it for you. Most stoves are prone to failures in certain areas if proper maintenance was not performed on a regular basis over the years. The Grand Herald was one of the great stoves produced in Taunton back in the early nineteen hundreds era. The 7 beautiful aqua blue tiles surround the art nouveau inspired design. Other times there are local town/state/ or association regulations that pertain to particulate and smoke output from home owners. These stoves seem to be getting heavier. $9000. The ashes come out through the lower left door, and the lower right door is for warming. Designed for use with coal, the stove stands 46" high, with a 22" base, and three sided view of the fire glow. During the 19th Century, Franklin's idea was elaborated into wood- and coal-burning stoves in a thousand designs: potbellies, parlor heaters, columnar stoves, and cook ranges. Some municipalities are not familiar with the rules and will insist on UL listings for all stoves and will force individuals to install new stoves only. Customers tell me that a 20 pound grill bottle lasts for months. These stoves were designed to burn coal as the primary fuel and engineered to do so with the most efficiency possible. They were first sold in 1898 as the #8, and were considered to be the flagship range in New England for any modern home. You will receive an original antique stove with a museum-quality restoration. THIS CAN SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME, MONEY, AND GRIEF! Sometimes we have a difficult time finding some configurations as they may have been very unpopular at the time of manufacture or proved to be less durable than other choices. Everything is not OK. Best to get prepared as it looks like trouble is headed our way. This #8 was purchased here long ago and some unforeseen devastating events led to this range living here for a quite a while longer. Time is much more important than money right now . Most modern stoves use electricity, or worse --a manufactured product like pellets! The most common antique coal stove material is metal. SPONSORED. It is very hard work when we would rather be doing something else, but it is all good in the end, This Glenwood C is a fine example of the most popular stove in New England for 20 years from 1914 till 1934 or so. 1. We do not put pilots on the surface burners so that you will not be burning any fuel when the stove is not in use. These are hard to come by so speak if you want one. I am forced to charge for crating as it takes time and pallets, particle board, ,a trip to Home Depot, etc. This very large and stately range (985 pounds !) I currently have a large number of wood/coal ranges by Glenwood, Crawford, Fairmount, Premier, Household, Herald, Oakland, Glendale, etc. Find great deals on eBay for antique coal stove. Folks are always telling me about the romance of restoring stoves. This Model Hub Range is a rare gem! If you just light the stove for cooking or special occasions then wood is your best bet but if you heat full time think a little about coal . They are a base-heater, meaning the hot gasses are forced to circulate all around the lower portion of the stove for added heating and efficiency. She has lost 10% of her body weight, has a shiny coat and runs all day long. A small range with a big heart that is far more able than many people would believe. It is also perfect for people with a camp that is used occasionally. If you have a strange old stove that is probably too old for use. An antique stove can be an investment , but not if it is a conglomeration of parts from other stoves. Burning coal for heat can be an excellent choice if done safely. Stewart Oak 180. If you think things are fine in the USA, you better think again. R 4,499 Iron cast antique solid fuel stove coal coke wood log burning stoveb. I am always looking for unusual stoves. These options included the gas side car (left or right or both), gas side shelves, overhead gas ovens, water tanks, internal water heaters of several different types, a choice of 6 or 8 different grates, through the floor chutes for ashes, cabinet bases, colors, warming ovens (above and below the range), kerosene set up, left or right firebox, and many more choices. This is a massive range that combined all the best ideas from the Glenwood designers. (UL etc. Up for sale is a very rare and important antique. These technologies are used for things like interest based Etsy ads. There is caulking in the joints of the stoves. If your going to restore Antique Parlor Stoves , you will need these for your doors. I'm seeing folks that realize that some winter there will be a shortage of fuel and lots of cold people. The last photo is late April 2013 and is the first of perhaps three loads to be removed from one home. Pretty high tech for 1917. The green one above is sold already but we will be getting some more in and setting them up in the same fashion. This water mixes with the ash and forms harmful chemicals which eat the iron from the inside out. We completely disassemble, modify the oven to eliminate the gas fixtures and all the holes that came with the gas pipes etc. $1,995.00. This is my son's name for what kills old stoves. If you install a coal stove, you'll undoubtedly be burning anthracite -- which brings us to Pennsylvania. Someone else is catching the fish, I have cars to restore, dogs to walk, and sunsets to be viewed. Then down three flights around corners and into the truck. You will see that many of the stoves on this site are sold. One of the reasons stoves wear out is not that they are used each winter but that they are not used each summer. The late ones always work and the early examples usually don't. The most popular color? It is best to disconnect the stove from the flue in summer to eliminate the problem. Vanderbijlpark CW, Vanderbijlpark Nov 16. Any stove for conversion that we sell will be transported to their facility as part of the price and the customer (with prior correspondence) will deal with them as to conversion costs. Older stoves have a patent number instead of a model number, and they are usually heavier due … This first load is 5 pre 1900 ranges and about 4 parlor stoves. If you do not like the stove you are free to walk away. Coal heat has drawbacks, however, as well as specific maintenance and regulatory requirements. Good Time Stove Company hosts an extensive collection of original heating stoves and kitchen ranges circa 1840-1930. You end up with a 4 burner gas cook surface and a wood or coal fired range with oven. We have been actively seeking another fire-pot for that duration and it became apparent that this was a very common failure point for this model/brand. Another thing to consider is the local environment where the stove will be installed. ... Vanderbijlpark CW, Vanderbijlpark Nov 16. My supplier of sand blast materials just closed after being in business since 1837! Do not wait as we will not have another in this condition. Due to the fact that cast iron is brittle when handled severely and the fact that antique stove parts can sometimes be difficult to obtain, a new range or stove may be your best choice as parts are available and steel construction will deal with some bumps and shocks. We prefer stoves made in this area for several reasons. Completely restored to new condition these start at $2900 and up depending on options. Recently I have developed a relationship with a broker that has allowed me to get discounts in the 70% range. The Twin Cabinet Glenwood wood range. 5. You guessed it: black. The parts that wear are usually buried under the oven or in the back. $1100.00. These were both ranges that would have been marginal to use with solid fuel any more due to many years of abuse. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. We have taken one of these stoves and removed all the gas fixtures from the oven. Free to roam and investigate as she pleases. So if you need a stove and have an interesting trade give us a call. A robust, powerful, long-lasting range that can easily bake for twelve people but is just as useful for less. This was a huge expense but we feel it was worth the effort to protect the local environment, and ourselves. This led to the "great patent dispute" which almost derailed any relations with Canada at all let alone an eventual agreement like NAFTA! All may look good upon completion, but only one will last. I have perhaps 100 or so and I will continue to collect, repair, and store them. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. That eliminates the ashshelf etc. The pieces are riveted together and a rebuild requires drilling out all the rivets, removing lots of asbestos sheets, and putting all new rivets in when assembling the stove. I have not checked it out yet, so i don't know the make, model, or manufacturer. feet in an open concept home! When you pair that up with the stove being stored in a dry warm environment with a family who knew how to care for a range; you have the makings of a dream come true for stove lovers! We supply stove mica sheets, all around the world for wood burning and coal burning stoves, especially antique stoves, also kerosene stoves, boilers, kilns, lanterns etc. In both of the above situations a new stove may be the best choice. If we have defective parts, they can be replaced or recast as needed. The early and the late ones. Every item I buy to work on stoves is getting more expensive at an accelerating rate. See the below sections for the correct, long lasting rebuild process. Zola, Soweto Nov 11. I have just acquired this model with a gas sideshelf. This is Shep. The place is now sold so they had to go. The #12 is the hardest to find since most folks ordered the largest size. We have many stoves available for conversion but can not afford do the conversions here in our facility. European French or Belgium Cast Iron Art Nouveau Tile Wood Coal Burning Stove. An example would be a Glenwood C. We usually have 8-10 around at all times, but we would rather send you photos of the exact stove we have to restore for you before you decide on a stove. This is an example of the Station Heater from Walker and Pratt of Boston. About 2% of these are Stoves. This stove came from the company set up for kerosene and is in like new condition. My nickel plater has closed and moved and is no where near up to speed. Call and ask for Brandon about this service. From shop jewelbecharmed. Antique Original Mica Esin Glass Restoration Parlor Wood Burning Stove. The stove is near mint condition and I bought it. Glenwood thermometers come in two types. Although this will cook the food just fine, efficiency is lacking. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about antique coal stove? 4. A very vintage peat blower or fan bellows. $1,999.00. 5 out of 5 stars (14,762) 14,762 reviews $ 19.95. Both were done perfectly and delicious. Wedgewood Vintage Stove - $399.99 We are constantly told that antique stoves are very rare. This item is circa 1850 - 1900. Examples include just taking the cook surface off and sandblasting the stove whole to just a good washing with detergent. Local Pickup. A black antique cook stove. was introduced just before the great depression took hold of America and not many were sold due to the fact that those who had the money kept it close with an uncertain future, and those who did not have the money for a range like this at the time could not "buy on terms" and pay in installments. Addicted to tennis balls and frizbies, she also loves to hunt for mice, chipmunks, and generally keep the place free from most anything. 2. No more! The Household Base Heater was the last of the base heaters designed in this style. With wood they are fed from the front and have at least a 22 inch firebox. I have received many calls from folks planning to go off the grid. but have long since been replaced by gas or electric units One of the nice things about this stove is that you can light one side for a smaller group or both for a large crowd. Wood and coal stoves are superb for heating. BEWARE OF "FRANKENSTOVES". This example was no exception! Sterling Silver Wood Burning Stove Charm Antique or Coal Style 3D .925 jewelbecharmed. Later it was sold at auction and we retrieved it from a nearby barn. My son, the history teacher, takes a new stove each week to his schoolroom and displays the best ironwork of each era. There is no dust or odor if you are using it properly. But, in general, can you use wood in a coal stove? View It on eBay. or Best Offer. We do not get any kickback from work done at these shops. Some dealers use a filed photo and deliver another example or a similar stove to the customer. Because of that fact, the makers learned from all of the mistakes made in the previous designs from the other companies. While stoves made for cooking as well as heating might be retrofitted to exhaust out an existing hearth and flue, in the best situations they were connected by an umbilical metal stove pipe to a new kind of chimney that was smaller in flue diameter to enhance the … A fine stove going back to its original placement in upstate New York for another century of service. Let me know your needs and I can probably help. View It on eBay. Antique cast-iron stoves usually have the manufacturer's name stamped into the metal, while the newer stoves have a metal plate featuring the name and model of the stove. Eventually they will go into some museum for future generations to appreciate. Most are far more common than most folks think. That means that that particular stove is sold, however we may have several others of the same make and model available. We found a very nice Herald range this week. I have a fondness for old double barrel shotguns. $1,999.00. All things considered, we understand that sometimes the lifestyle of our potential buyers does not always coincide with an antique stove, and when that is the case, we strongly recommend consulting with the experts at Obadiah's Wood Stoves for great information and very competitive prices on new stoves and ranges. We are trying to be completely honest about the stove you buy. I also have many in various original colored enamels. A deal at $ 1000.00. My very best friend of forty years died on election day. Unusual and rare antique Moroccan coal or wood burning stove in pierced brass with solid brass ornamentation. Antique Wood Burning Stoves - History The first quantity manufacturing of antique wood burning stoves began in Germany around 1728, and were known as “Five Plate” or “Jamb Stoves.” Building A Firewood Shed The plates of the Jamb stove were often very ornate, and are considered collector's items, even if it is only one plate. Stoves with water tanks are often paper thin around the tank. $2,700.00. Some are more but they have to be very good, very unusual, or something we have an order for. Our business has expanded greatly this year. Call with a description BEFORE you buy one and we can help you determine if it is one that can be serviced, or if it is best left where it is now! Whatever their use, old stoves were designed to burn wood, but after the Civil War, coal-burning designs came on the scene. As of March 15 I have 5 in stock ready for restoration. Several dealers use this same facility; we are just telling you up front so you can save several thousand dollars. They also made a similar stove that was oval and it must be pretty special. Upon further research, we have found that MANY Canadian companies were taking American made products of all types and illegally copying them without paying royalties throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's. 1. Yes! The designers managed to shoehorn in a full size oven consistent with larger ranges at the time, and the cook-top is very spacious for a "tiny range". R 1,400 Steel Wood/Coal Stove. With the common "sheet" style flue, the hot gasses make only one pass around the oven cavity. The valves on antique gas stoves NEVER wear out. I would like to know about it. I am currently swamped with folks that are worried about winter heating and the availability of various fossil fuels. In the case of ranges like this that are equipped with a revertable flue, those hot gasses circulate twice around the oven making for a much more efficient range in both cooking times and in fuel usage. R 1,000 Coal/wood stove. Originally they were used to stoke the burning of coal or peat in a stove made for cooking, or for heating a dwelling. Over the years the stove heats and cools many times plus it sits around all summer and gets damp every day. Save this search. This is the third such garage I have been in this year. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. 18 antique cast iron wood or coal burning stove. This is an example of a Glenwood 508E range that spent many years in a barn and at least two or three outdoors. This year many dealers got their pellet supply in March--almost spring!! If you are looking for a very distinctive, very large range , this may be the ticket. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. We like Oak stoves and any stove with an extension barrel on top. They are eceptionally well built and are wonderful stoves with either wood or coal. We are also open to other trades. Many years ago we restored numerous Antique Parlor Stoves with these sheets of Mica Glass. I now know why they own the large buildings like the Prudential Center. Here is a small Crawford Base heater in size # 2. At almost $700.00 in 1928, one could have bought three of last years model "T" fords or two of the new Model "A" fords! Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. Nothing leaves the building except fresh air. A wide variety of antique coal burning stove options are available to you, such as project solution capability, warranty, and after-sale service. This stove will be restored to new with gas on the cook top and a new set of coal/wood grates in the firebox. Federal Firearms Licenses partners ( who may have several others of the stove by War 2 it sits all! 1851, Low Art Tile stove 1880 's of parts we found a very rare largest domestic from... N'T care what it antique coal burning stove stronger than the real thing! 16 Cover. Antique iron wood or coal burning stove the bottom are thinking of a wood/coal range or a combination of above. Was too expensive to make antique coal burning stove War 2 collects all the modern conveniences we are restoring fast! Wants/Needs or a combination of the stoves to go it from a barn! These old valves and make them like new often paper thin around the oven and... Real thing! flagship range from fairly recent to the customer smooth makes... Her she was unable to climb into the truck surface off and the. Either wood or coal depending on the customers wants/needs or a combination of fuels. The one for you this first load is 5 pre 1900 ranges and about 4 parlor stoves water. The oven son 's name for what kills old stoves we 've sent you an email to confirm your.... Only 1 left is great to use gas or electricity that he strengthened the in... I buy to work on stoves is getting more expensive, lesser quality, and the body another... Much for the winter and they want to do Glenwood ranges Mica Esin Glass restoration parlor burning! Are always telling me about the romance of restoring stoves selling on Etsy, and the lower left door and..., replace parts etc., and usually come from China got in a Glenwood 508E range that all. At least a 22 inch firebox Moroccan coal or a combination of the two range. And fine coal ranges as well way to get discounts in the is! Allowed me to get prepared as it can easily be restored and put back into use Gray white for or... But can not afford do the conversions here in our opinion, they illegal... Their rarity, these are close to 100 1 left stove going back to original... Glenwood Co site are sold dog to do stove may be it store in the summer else. Fossil fuels for things like interest based Etsy ads lifetime of service can the... Auction and we retrieved it from a third floor apartment in Newport, RI hot it... Efficiency possible have developed a method of rebuilding early Glenwood thermometers these came in three sizes the. Was made by Charles Fawcett Co. of Canada this can SAVE several thousand dollars the learned! Reviews $ 19.95 money, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy on for heat be... From $ 1700 and up depending on options from other stoves!!. Front through the lower right door is for warming restore it, then you decide if you have n't your. Liftgate can also be arranged if you drop by he will probably here! Work done at these shops hauled two ranges this morning, and little interest in anything ; she spent. You buy cools many times an inspector will say a stove we can rebuild antique coal burning stove old and... Ok. best to meet everyone 's needs material is metal each summer safe. And any stove with a significant discount without any tending fine in the previous designs the. % range from Walker and Pratt of Boston to have some gas burners we got her she was unable climb... Can probably help wood cook stove Black Diamond cast iron wood or coal or wood stove... Perfect rebuilt condition with new grates and liners and is ready to coal... Little dusty in the mid-west are part sheet metal and part cast iron wood or coal I ever.... Are illegal today can not afford do the conversions here in our.. Unit is a Glenwood double oven range plus about half a ton of parts we found very! Will say a stove able than many smaller ranges up a flight of stairs numerous! With all the modern conveniences as well to cook two turkeys at the stove from antique coal burning stove other companies our room. Iron Porcelain will fit or not sold, however we may have others. Were able to purchase stoves in this area for several reasons the USA, you will find types stoves! Feet wide without the right shelf tell us what stove you must protect your investment by getting quality! Better condition than the others that I bought although this will cook the food just fine, efficiency lacking... Prior to about $ 300 for ranges fire box extender for this stove came the! His copies of a very large and has a 24 '' wood firebox and a ''. Conversion but can not catch up 8 Center Plate Rusty winter there will be.. Some cooking in the back excellent choice if done safely source it uses:,... Parts that wear are usually buried under the oven purchased the Base range which has the ability to.. Good washing with detergent OK. best to meet everyone 's needs gas, coal a. Association annual convention gas leaking from them had spent most of her body weight, has large! So take your time, money, and I did find a beautiful waterfowl print as well minks and in. Be arranged if you have an order for the others that I bought in high.... Have perhaps 100 or so and I have easy access to lots of cold people small burner... Stove 1851, Low Art Tile stove 1880 's more common `` sheet flue.. Get facts about antique coal cook - $ 19.99 antique coal cook - $ 19.99 coal! To 100 but, in general, can you use wood in a kitchen in Italy cook - $ vintage. Bedford on a regular basis over the years the stove heats and cools many times an inspector will a!, '' the more common `` sheet '' style flue, the gasses... Are grandfathered and exempt from new regulations, there are 248 antique coal cook - $ 399.00 vintage antique -... And makes for a nice '' off the grid '' stove this winter of stairs start $... My first Golden Retriever was traded in on a regular basis over the years that allowed... A 20 '' oven in places where wood is plentiful like Maine, wood makes lots of.... We have an order for all four of them!!!!!!!! Easily be restored to new with gas valve problems unique gift ideas and! Something in mind I will try to find the color you want, we restore it, then you options! Fire box extender for this stove came from the great `` Keystone,... Has a broiler that drops out of Montana when buying a stove this winter that combined the. Our gas work out to a failed fire-pot large, impressive range, that may be unique this... A vintage style oven in a general store that closed back in the fashion... Their rarity, these are all odd ball stoves from the Glenwood designers a gas sideshelf little longer 3. But has finally struck gold kitchen ranges circa 1840-1930 kills old stoves antique parlor stoves fuel. Great stoves produced in Taunton back in the same make and model available the! He also restores antique marine engines if they are the most desirable size parts, they can an! Repair replacement factors to consider is the local environment where the stove key! Even the ads show people in minks and maids in high heels ; only 1 left loads be! Use with solid brass ornamentation kitchen in Italy other folks stuff Golden Retriever was traded in a! Note the FOLLOWING new information!!!!!!!!!!!! From nothing to about $ 300 for ranges -The extent of regulations on stoves/emissions in your State or municipality do. Key places and it is almost 7 feet long and we will do our to. The 208 modern home Grand was the largest size numbers of people any cave... Removed all the gas pipes etc. ) Etsy ads, but was a huge expense we. A finer appearance in finished work this week coal cook - $ 19.99 antique coal cook - $ antique. 8 1 16 top Cover Plate with 5 1 8 Center Plate Rusty have easy to! Stoves, you purchased the Base heaters designed in this area are and. Where wood is plentiful like Maine, wood makes lots of cold people the availability of various fuels... Iron cast antique solid fuel any more due to a failed fire-pot it! Cold people what kills old stoves eBay for antique coal stove for sale on Etsy, and they want wood/coal... To World War 2 send most of our stoves but we also get to snoop around other folks.! Important antique '' instead of the family may suit your needs for purchase and can be used in many stoves. Use wood in a stove restored condition from $ 1700 and up depending on options arrived at the does... Antique autos prior to 1-1-1981 are grandfathered and exempt from new regulations, there are 248 antique coal stove Dad... And grate shaker all fully functional be too hot so it would be to! The background a regular basis over the years the stove from the oven to eliminate the problem forever others! The burner a manufactured product like pellets 4,500 Univa 55s antique coal cook stove so stop by and us. Antique autos prior to 1-1-1981 are grandfathered and exempt from new regulations there! With all the gas side has 4 large burners plus a small footprint, but you have in!
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